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How to password protect a PDF file

  1. Upload PDF file to protect.
  2. Enter a strong password to lock your PDF document.
  3. Click Protect PDF button, wait a few seconds, and your secured files will be ready to download.

Protect PDF with password for free

Sometimes it's necessary to forbid access for most users and allow only those who know the password. With our PDF Protector, you can make it without any cost.

Adding password to PDF file

We can ensure the highest security and reliable PDF encryption service. You can add a password for free or get a PRO version and use advanced features like extra protection options.

Top security is our mission

We are concerned about the privacy and security of our users' files, especially when we are talking about file protection. Therefore, we make sure that users set strong passwords, and we automatically delete files after each conversion.

Easy to use every day

We build tools for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a student, manager, or software engineer - everyone can use our software easily. We invest a lot to provide the best user experiences to all of you.

Lock PDF using Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android

FreePDFConvert is online software, so all main platforms are supported. Locking PDF has never been easier and more accessible than it is now with our free online PDF Converter.

Plenty of PDF tools

We provide much more online PDF tools: PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, file compressor, page remover, and many other tools to help in your everyday work.

PDF conversion guides

PDFs are usually read-only, but they can still be modified if the recipient has specific editing software, so when you send or share a PDF document, you might want to protect it from that or even ask for a password before opening the file. How to do it?

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