Protecting PDF with password using Protect PDF: Safe and for free

PDFs are usually read-only, but they can still be modified if the recipient has specific editing software, so when you send or share a PDF document, you might want to protect it with a password. That way, nobody can even read the file without your permission.

How to protect a pdf document with a password?

The fastest and safest way to protect a PDF document with a password is using the Protect PDF tool from PDF Converter. With it, you don’t need to purchase and install whole software, like Adobe (which costs you money, by the way), and you can have your documents secured within seconds.

Here’s how protecting pdf with password works online:

  1. Upload the file you want to set a password to;
  2. Enter a password that you wish to use to lock your PDF document;
  3. Confirm your password.
  4. Apply changes and download the password protected document.

It’s an easy, quick, and convenient way to lock your documents with a password, but is it safe?

You can then attach the .ZIP file to your email and send to others. On the receiving end, your contact will receive the .ZIP file. They’ll need to download that file and then click “Extract.” This will restore the file to its original size and allow them to open the files contained within and view it as normal.

Is protecting pdf files with password online safe?

There are many providers that offer PDF password protection services online. Take time to look up your options, learn how your data is being processed and whether or not your documents are safe.

Choose a provider that does not store your files longer than needed. PDF Converter, for example, deletes your documents in three hours after they’ve been uploaded to the system.

Free PDF Converter

PDF converter offers you all to-and-from converting services absolutely free of charge, guaranteeing you a safe and sound transfer within seconds. We care about your privacy, and we do make sure not to involve any third parties in the process.

Using PDF Converter is free forever, but you can always switch plans and enjoy the perks of paid membership.

Protecting PDF files with password is only one out of 19+ PDF Converter tools. Try them, and convert your PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, or other file formats today!

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