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How to rotate a PDF

  1. Upload the PDF file. A file rotation panel will appear. You can rotate all PDF pages at once or select only specific ones.
  2. Select PDF pages using checkboxes or use the page range input and rotate them using the red rounded rotation button.
  3. Initiate the conversion once happy with the result. Wait a few seconds. You can download the file to your device now!

Free PDF rotator

Our PDF Converter is probably the easiest and the most secure web application for rotating PDF pages online. It works on all modern devices, and the best part is that it's free!

Do more with your PDF file

It's not only about PDF rotation - you can do way more actions with your documents. We have more than 20 different tools for any situation - merge, split, compress, convert PDF to Word, and much more.

Security first

Unlike some other online tools creators, we care about your security and privacy. We never share your details or files. Additionally, we protect all uploaded files with 256-bit SSL Encryption.

Easy way to rotate PDF

You don't have to be a software engineer to edit the PDF. It's very easy! Upload the file, click few buttons to rotate, and download the converted document. It even works for the scanned PDF pages!

Edit PDF on any device

Our editor works on all devices. We support all modern desktop and mobile browsers without any exceptions. PDF Converter is a top-notch, quality tool that you can use at your work office or on the go.

We delete files automatically

Your privacy is precious. We understand that, so we delete converted files almost immediately after completing the file rotation. You don't have to worry about that.

Work more productive
  • Faster conversions
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited file size
  • Advanced features

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  • Faster conversions
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Unlimited file size
  • Advanced features