I am trying to purchase a membership but my order(credit card) is declined.

When "credit card was declined" appears while processing an order, it means that your credit card issuer/bank has declined the transaction. Usually, a quick call to your card issuer/bank will clear this up.

Please note that all orders are reviewed by our payment processor and a very small percentage of them are declined if inconsistencies are identified by their system. If this is the case, you will receive an email from informing you that your order was declined. If you wish to place your order again, you may do so.

If you still have a problem with order you may contact our us!

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I have paid for membership but I'm still told that I am not a member and can't convert all files, why?

You need to Sign In into your account to activate a membership and use all membership benefits. If you have lost credentials you can retrieve them at password recovery form.

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I forgot my membership password. How to retrieve the credentials?

If you remember the email address you used while ordering PDF Converter membership, you can retrieve your password at password recovery form.

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How to I get an invoice?

Please visit your account and click on invoice to download it.

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How do I cancel my membership?

Please visit your account and click Cancel next to the membership you want to cancel.

However, the membership you have purchased remains active until it reaches its expiry date. For example, if you purchase a 1 month membership, and then choose to cancel it, the membership will remain active until the end of the 1 month period.

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Is service and a membership can be used on any computer in the world?

Yes, a membership can be used from any computer, it is not tied to specific location.

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How do I change my account e-mail or password?

Please visit your account and click on Edit button to change credentials.

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How do I change my membership from monthly to semi-annual or annual?

To change a membership you will need to cancel current membership following cancellation instruction and after you have canceled your membership you can purchase new one at order page.

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PDF Tools

Why I lost my font while converting Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents to PDF?

If non standard fonts are used in Word, Excel or PowerPoint document they should be embedded into document prior converting them to PDF. Otherwise, the converted PDF document will miss some fonts and the document will not look the same as initial. Instruction how to embed fonts into MS Office document.

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Conversion from PDF to Excel fails, any suggestions?

Sometimes there might be a problem because of the quality of a PDF file. If there's any problem regarding conversion to Excel, kindly please try to convert PDF to Word first and then copy the whole document from Word and paste to it to Excel.

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The file format I would like to convert is not supported by PDF Converter. What should I do?

Please contact us with your request and we will take your recommendation to include that format in our next upgrade.

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Why I can't download converted file I get error "File not found"?

A converted file is already deleted from server by you or deleted automatically by our system after 3 hours.

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How can I download your software?

o software to download, our service works in clouds and you need just Internet and browser. Just open, select your file, pick a format to convert to and away you go.

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How safe are my files?

Your files are converted immediately and can be deleted from server right after you download them. If you forget to delete files they will be automatically deleted after 3 hours. There are no residual copies once you delete.

Please read our Terms and Privacy to learn more about our privacy policy.

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Other Questions

Can I link to PDF Converter on my website?

Yes, our ability to provide this service depends solely on your advertising. Please use the link and description below or write your own. Tell about us on facebook, twitter, your blog or to your friends. maximize your productivity with unlimited access to our PDF tools.

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Do you have developers API?

The ConvertApi provides online API for creating PDF from various documents. In just few minutes you can integrate it into your application and use it easily.

More information at

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Still have questions or suggestions?

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