Frequently Asked Questions

What formats are supported by PDF Converter?

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How safe are my files?

Your source files are converted immediately and can be deleted from server right after you download them. There are no residual copies once you delete. After 24 hours, the files will be automatically deleted.

Is here any conversion limitations for members, like maximum number of document per day and month.

No, there are no limitations for members. But the membership can be used only by you, no documents containing illegal content allowed and Terms and Privacy should be followed.

Is service and a membership can be used on any computer in the world?

Yes, a membership can be used from any computer, it is not tied to specific location.

Can I link to Free PDF Converter on my website?

Yes, our ability to provide this service depends solely on your advertising. Please use the link and description below or write your own.

Description: PDF Converter is an online Document-to-PDF conversion service. It converts various types of files, like Word DOC, Excel XLS, PostScript PS, PowerPoint PPT, RichText RTF and others to PDF. With only a few simple steps your documents can be converted in minutes. No additional software is required. You can add watermark and password protection to your PDF document. Free PDF Converter also allow you to reverse the process and convert PDF files to MS Word DOC files.

The file format I would like to convert is not supported by PDF Converter. What should I do?

Please contact us with your request and we will take your recommendation to include that format in our next upgrade.

What is the document file size limitation?

The document file size can be up to 100 MB.

I can't download converted file from server I get error "File not found".

A converted file is already deleted from server by you or deleted automatically by our system after 24 hours.

In my PDF document I need to enter the options Author, Title and other fields, how to do that?

Four fields - Title, Subject, Author and Keywords - are taken automatically from MS Office documents so you need to enter them in MS Office document before converting.

Is there any limitation converting PDF files to DOC for non member users?

Yes, when converting from PDF to DOC, only the first two pages are converted for non members. Please become a member and convert full documents

Why converting PDF file to Word I get error "Conversion error"?

Most probably the problem appears because PDF file is protected with User Password and Free PDF Converter can not open the file for converting. Or PDF file is too big or too many pages with very small fonts.

How to unsubscribe from membership?

To cancel your membership please login to your control panel and click "cancel" button near the membership.

Why converting PDF file to Excel I get error "Conversion error"?

In order to convert from PDF to Excel, the PDF must have visible tables (visible table borbers). This is because the conversion process takes the contents in the tables of the PDF and places them into corresponding cells of the Excel spreadsheet. If the PDF does not have tables, it is impossible to convert to Excel. It is always possible to convert the PDF to a DOC file regardless of tables.

My converted PDF file does not look the same as the original Word (or Excel or Powerpoint)?

Prior to converting any file, you should first check the print preview and see how it would print before conversion. If you want to make changes in the size of the text view area or other print setting, it first must be done in the unconverted file. During conversion the program uses the print preview for sizing the pages in the converted document.